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 Experience the game at a higher level with custom-fit clubs

Take advantage of the very latest in technology, expertise and service to making sure you are perfectly fit for the best clubs for your game. Our certified staff will prescribe the optimal fit based on data gathered using Flightscope.

The data collected is used to fit you for the proper shaft /loft/lie. You will also be fit for clubhead style and grip size. We can also determine the ideal set make-up for your game including identifying how many woods you should carry, the best iron and hybrid options for your swing and the best array of wedges for your game.

  • Club fitting irons > Duration 1hr > Cost $120
  • Club fitting Woods > Duration 1hr > Cost $120
  • Full set fitting > Duration 2hrs > Cost $240

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Flightscope Analysis

Tune up your game with Flightscope x2 Elite

The state of the art Flightscope x2 Elite launch monitor technology being utilized each week on the PGA and LPGA Tours is available at Steve McRae Golf.
Flightscope x2 Elite is a revolutionary piece of technology that provides serious golfers with incredible information and feedback. It enables golfers to get specific answers regarding their equipment and ball choice as well as to discover their precise carry yardages for all clubs.
In addition, it is a phenomenal skill evaluation tool and practice aid. Utilizing Doppler radar technology, Flightscope x2 Elite measures the exact three-dimensional club movement and ball flight, and provides precise data on the ball launch, ball flight and ball landing. Flightscope x2 Elite measures the full distance and trajectory of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400 – yard drives and measures the landing position with an accuracy of one foot per 100 yards.

To visit the Flightscope x2 Elite Website and learn more Click Here

The price for a 1 hour lesson with the Flightscope x2 Elite is $120

A skills combine session is $25 per session

To book a session using Flightscope x2 Elite Click Here

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Shots to Hole

Shots To is the ultimate high performance golf statistics, analysis, training and player management tool designed to help golfers achieve their goals.